About Us

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Our Prices And What We Offer

As a service provider, our aim is to make electronic visa applications easier, faster and more effective for our customers.

We provide a number of services, including:

  • Official electronic visas - Our service always includes the electronic visa you applied for within the cost, so you only have to worry about 1 simple payment.
  • Up to date and simplistic application forms with hints and tips in a number of languages - This feature means you can apply for your electronic visa in your own native tongue. It also means you are less likely to make errors upon application due to having hints to use as you fill the form in. The simplicity of the forms also saves you hours of your own time.
  • Manual quality control checks - Each application made through us us thoroughly checked by trained professionals. This means any errors that are made, can be corrected. Most government systems do not state which part of the application form was the reason for your rejection. This means that applying through our system saves re-applying at your own cost of time and money.
  • Constant customer support - Unlike many service providers and government systems, we offer customer support. And because we like to ensure our customers are happy with our service, we offer support around the clock, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Error correction - If there are errors in your form, we resolve them. And unlike other service providers we do this for free! Most of the time we can resolve any data issues without even contacting you. However, on the occasions we need to get in touch, you can be sure the customer support team will be at hand to solve the issue.
  • For this abundance of services we charge just 80.00 US$, and we cover the costs of certain additional applications that are needed to correct errors made.
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