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What Is A Cambodian E-Visa?

A Cambodian E-visa is a document that is electronically attached to your passport. It allows the holder to enter Cambodia as a tourist or on business for a designated period of time.

What Is The Purpose Of An E-Visa?

The purpose of using an E-visa instead of a traditional visa is the ease of use. Firstly, it is all done online. This speeds up applications and makes them far less tiresome. Secondly, it is one less document to carry around with you, as it is all done electronically via your passport and passport number.

About E-Visa 

The Cambodian E-visa is a visa which allows someone short term access to the Kingdom Of Cambodia. Prior to 2006, access to Cambodia was possible, but the application process was hard work. The introduction of the E-visa in 2006 aimed to make the process easier and thus promote an increase in tourism for the nation of Cambodia.


The online process makes light work of applying when compared to the old system and ensures that having the right documentation is far less of an issue

Cambodia eVisa - The Details

Are You Required To Have An E-Visa To Enter Cambodia?

In order to enter Cambodia, you are required to have a visa of some kind. For citizens of certain countries, an E-visa may be one the options.

Which Countries Nationals Are Eligible For The Cambodian E-Visa?

Nationals of any country except Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Syria may apply for a Cambodian E-visa. Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar are all exempt from the requirement of a visa.

How Much Does An E-Visa Cost?

The government fee for a Cambodia eVisa is 30 US dollars, plus an additional 6 dollar processing charge.

How Long Does An E-Visa Allow Me To Stay In Cambodia?

An E-visa is valid for up to 3 months after being initially accepted. It is valid for a single entry to Cambodia for up to 30 days at most.

What Type Of Travel Is An E-Visa Designed For?

The Cambodian E-visa is designed for tourists who are looking for a short term visit to the country. The aim of the visa is to give tourists easier access to Cambodia for a holiday, than they previously would’ve had.

Is E-Visa The Best Option For You?
If you are a national of one of the many countries that can apply for an E-visa, you may wish to weigh up whether it is the best option for you. E-visas are more suited to short term tourists and only allow short term stays. If you intend to stay in Cambodia for just a few short weeks or less, the E-visa may be ideal. However, if you intend to stay longer or enter Cambodia on more than one occasion, you may wish to look up more suitable options for your trip.

Applying For An E-Visa

The application for the Cambodian E-visa is done through the application section of the official government website. The process is simple and reasonably fast. You will require your passport and knowledge of all your personal  and travel details.

To apply, follow these steps:


  1. Enter the security code which appears in the white box
  2. Fill in the forms with your personal information, passport details and travel information
  3. Double check all the information you filled in is correct on the review page
  4. Select your preferred method of payment. Once you have the paid, the application is complete and you will receive a decision shortly.

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Why Visit Cambodia?

Cambodia is a nation of natural, religious and architectural beauty. The south-east Asian country is home to famous archaeological parks such as Angkor-Wat and Angkor-Thor, which are some of the best preserved buddhist temples in the world. These complexes are so significant to Cambodia, they even appear on certain versions of the nations flag. Despite being religious monuments, the temples are immersed in nature and highlight everything that Cambodia is. For a first taste of Cambodia, they are the ideal place to start. But what other natural, religious, and architectural attractions are there in the ‘kingdom of wonder’?


The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace still currently houses Cambodian royalty, so not all of it is open to public. However, the parts of the palace you are allowed to see highlight exactly why this building is worthy of being the home of kings. The Throne Room is roofed with gold and the nearby pagoda with silver, whilst temples are decorated to incredible levels of detail.


The Bamboo Train

The Bamboo Train is essentially an engine topped with bamboo. Passengers can ride for 7 kilometres at up to 15kmph. This is an ideal way to see Cambodia’s countryside.


Phnom Kulen

This sacred site and national park has a lot to offer in terms of nature, religion and architecture. With waterfalls, places to swim, temples and archeological spots, Phnom Kulen has it all.


Wat Phnom

A city park that is a safe haven from the cities hussle and bussle. The park charges as a measly $1 entrance fee to foreigners and is home to some mischievous wildlife and a temple.


Phnom Tamo - Wildlife Rescue Centre

A safe haven for elephants, tigers, monkeys and more, this wildlife rescue centre is the perfect place for a nature lover. The centre helps animals back to health, and sometimes they even let visitors contribute to that process.

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